You Can Lead a Writer to Clients...

...But you sure can't make them try to get a gig.

I belong to an online forum for writers where there was a recent thread entitled, "Where do you people write?" (or something like that).  It was full of posts from people who write at content mills for 10, 15 bucks a pop (but let's not forget the page views, which tacks on another few cents).

Now, I'd have done my usual "Go get private clients... here's how!" thing, but about a month ago I decided to quit posting there and just read, hoping for something useful to surface.  (I quit posting because someone questioned whether they should use a pen name at content mills and I said absolutely... and some woman called me an elitist and told me I ought to try writing stuff I'm proud of rather than ashamed of.  I told her to shut up because she hasn't seen my portfolio... which doesn't include any content mills.)

But here's the thing... some people won't ever branch out and get private clients.


Because Freelance Writing isn't Easy

If you want to make a decent living freelance writing, you have to work at it - especially at the beginning.  It's not a cake walk.  You have to do things besides write - like market yourself, network and balance your finances.

Because Freelance Writers Need to Know Spelling and Grammar

I'm not an enemy of content mills - really, I'm not.  If that's where you want to write, then please continue to do so.  But bear in mind that most content mills don't require writing skill, and there's nobody to police the content you produce for them.  If you don't have the basics down, it's like starting a race running the wrong way. 

Because Freelance Writing is Scary

Rather, stepping off a cliff into the unknown is scary - and if you don't have anything to break your fall in an emergency, you're screwed.

Have you tried to steer beginners in the right direction and gotten frustrated?  What's your take on writing for content mills instead of private clients?


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