Sample Freelance Writer Resume

Standing apart from other freelance writers isn't easy -
but a solid, well-written resume helps.
Should freelance writers have a resume?  

Absolutely - we should each have a freelance writer resume handy in case someone needs it.  Even if it's a skinny little thing with just a few lines, a freelance writer resume can set you apart when you're scoping out gigs or you need to hand it to someone in person to help convince them you're the writer for them.

Like all resumes, your freelance writer resume should be clear, concise and highlight how awesome you are.  If you keep up on it, adding experience as necessary, it'll always be ready when you need it.

A few ideas wouldn't hurt, right?

You need an objective statement or a summary of your qualifications to start with - so how about saying something like:

An experienced and widely published freelance writing professional with proven abilities in planning, search engine optimization and press release composition.

Highlight things like your SEO experience, how great you are at conducting interviews, the fact that you're creative, that you're an amazing communicator and that you're an expert in social media.

List Your Experience

Like I said, even if it's just a little bit, your experience helps sell you to clients.  Try something like this under your own business name:

Procure and maintain active client base
Write approximately 10,000 words of web content per week based on clients' needs
Communicate effectively with clients and anticipate their needs ahead of time
Supply high-quality blog posts weekly for high-traffic blogs

The list can go on forever if you break down exactly what you do for each client.

You can even include your educational experience at the bottom if it pertains to your freelance writing career -  if you have a degree in journalism, by all means, toss it on there.

Once Your Freelance Writer Resume is Finished...

Print nice, clean copies of your resume and carry them when you visit a potential client.  They're a nice touch when you hand over two business cards and shake hands.

Don't forget to add your experience with each client as you gain it - it'll save you time in the long run and you won't have to overhaul the whole thing.

If you haven't already read it, Unlocking the Door to Your Career by my very good friend Catherine Palmiere and her colleague, Patrick O'Halloran, is stuffed with awesome resume tips and pointers on getting a job.  As freelance writers, we can use everything in the book when meeting with potential clients and trying to score gigs.

(And yes, I edited the book - so I know first-hand that it's awesome.)

Do you have a freelance writer resume?  Do you use it?


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