Freelance Article Spinning is Bad Business

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Someone came to me last week and asked if I'd spin pre-written articles for them.  I said I'd be happy to write original articles, but no way was I switching up what another writer wrote.  He asked how much that would cost, I told him, and he hung up on me.

Sure, that guy was pissed... but I was slightly offended.  See, I'm a real writer.

Article spinning is bad business - both for you, as a freelance writer, and for the people who want to use spun garbage.

Here's why.

Google Says So

Google's got over 60% of Internet searchers - that means most people use Google.  The other 30-some percent are using a combination of other sites to search.

Google just launched a new algorithm that affected b.s. sites that are full of garbage content.  People who use spun articles on their websites are on that list.

Google Chrome also has an add-on that lets users block crappy sites from their search results (if they make it through the new algorithm).  I don't know about you, but when I come across a crappy site in one search, I pretty much never want to see it again on another topic.

Sometimes Article Spinning is Stealing

Some of those people who want article spinners to "work their magic" (barf) have stolen the articles from other people.  They think if it gets changed up enough, it can't be called stealing.

While it's not a federal offense, it is stealing.  It's taking someone else's thoughts and switching words around to make it look like you didn't.  Kind-of like eating a cookie and throwing it up - and then saying, "That wasn't a cookie.  It was cake."

Article Spinning Makes You Look Stupid

If you spin articles, you're not a writer.  You're an article spinner.  Writers get pretty irritated when article spinners call themselves writers.  High five: you can use a thesaurus.  But you can't write original content - and that means you're not a writer.

Article Spinning Will Hurt Your Client

Using content that's strikingly similar to other content that's been online longer will send your client's website to the netherworld of search engine results.  Older, authoritative sites with original content will come out on top on just about every reputable search engine.  Why would a sane client pay someone to spin articles that will, in effect, cost him money? 

He wouldn't. 

I don't know about you, but I like it when my clients have a modicum of sanity.

What's your take on article spinning?  Are people who do it unethical turds, or are they ok because they're just trying to make a buck?


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