Freelance Writer Burnout

Sometimes it's good to take a break - especially when you're about to experience one of the worst things that can happen to a freelance writer: burnout.

The warning signs of freelance writer burnout:

  • Everything you write sounds the same to you, whether you're writing web copy for a lawyer or a press release for a new business. (On a positive note, it probably doesn't sound the same to readers... just to you!)
  • Going into the office in the morning feels like just that - going into the office.
  • You don't feel like writing today, or tomorrow, or the next day.

If you catch freelance writer burnout before it hits, like when these warning signs are just a glimmer of trouble on the horizon, take a break!  Neglecting your needs can seriously hurt your bottom line, because these things only get worse if you try to plod through them.

What kind of break should you take?

That depends on what makes you happy.  Do you enjoy reading?  Screw work for a day, then, and read a book all day long.  Watch a movie (or three), play with your dog or surf the Internet. 

Here's the biggest shocker: it's not going to kill you or ruin your business if you spend a day doing something you enjoy instead of churning out page after page.

As long as you can take a break responsibly, that is.  I'm not saying you should do this once a week, even - but what I am saying is that if you let those symptoms blossom, you'll have a full-fledged case of burnout on your hands.  And that will ruin your business. 

If you can't take a whole day, at least take half of one.  You'll be glad you did (listen to the voice of experience)!

Have you battled freelance writer burnout and won?  How did it go?


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