Freelance Writers' Pet Projects

Not this kind of pet...
There are a few good reasons for creating your own pet projects as a freelance writer.  What I mean by pet project is something you do that gives you a break from writing for clients and affords you the potential of making more money later.

Why are pet projects so good?

Pet projects are good because:

  • sometimes you need a break from client work
  • they may have the potential of making you money
  • if they're relevant enough, you may be able to include them in your portfolio

You can kind-of count your own ad/marketing campaign as your pet project, but you should be doing that anyway - that's not a "side" thing, that's just part of owning your own freelance writing business.

Good pet projects might include:

  • creating and maintaining a blog in a niche you love
  • writing an ebook
  • writing a guide of some sort
  • creating video tutorials

On a nice Saturday morning, spend a couple hours cultivating your own pet project... you might be surprised at how much it revitalizes you for your next work session.

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