Website Writing Fees: A Guide for Clients

Website writing - also known as web copy and web content writing - costs money.  How much money it costs depends on the freelance writer you hire.

What to Look For in a Website Writer

Before hiring a website writer, make sure you've evaluated several freelance writers' portfolios and looked for a writing style you like.  Many writers can easily change tone to fit a client's specifications - but some can't. 

As you're browsing portfolios, ask yourself:

  • has this writer produced website writing before?
  • does this writer use a tone that my readers will appreciate?
  • can this writer appeal to search engines?
  • has this writer produced website writing for reputable publications?

Here are a few things that affect website writing fees:

  • the freelance writer's level of experience
  • the freelance writer's expertise in the type of writing you require
  • the freelance writer's location, in some cases
  • the deadline you and your freelance writer agree upon
  • the amount of website writing you need

Website Writing Fees Vary by Writer

Every website writer will have different fees.

In most cases, it's important to remember that you usually get what you pay for.  Cheap website writing doesn't always equal awful website writing.  Conversely, though, expensive website writing doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be amazing website writing.

Cheap vs. Value in Website Writing Fees

Cheap website writing does not mean the same thing as value website writing.  Often, cheap website writing results in disaster.  When I say cheap, I'm talking about writers who are willing to churn out hundreds of words for the price of a Big Mac (not the combo - just the sandwich).

Frequently, cheap website writers use things like article spinning software to produce mass amounts of senseless drivel.  The problem with writers who use article spinning software is:

  • the end result is incomprehensible to both readers and to search engines.
  • you've wasted your $10 because the documents they produce won't bring you targeted traffic (in most cases, it won't bring you any traffic at all).
  • articles which have been 'spun' are often plagiarized or stolen, and there are legal ramifications for both the writer and the buyer.

Value website writing means that for the amount you paid, you got a whopping return on investment.  Using a freelance writer to produce your website writing who understands value is priceless.

Value website writing means your freelance writer exceeded your expectations through things like:

  • sharing a wealth of knowledge about what's good for the website writing you need.
  • produced high-quality documents at a price within your budget.
  • beat the deadlines you agreed upon.
  • provided you with documents (and knowledge) that will help your business grow exponentially.

Things to Take into Account Related to Website Writing Fees

  • If your freelance writer is an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), her website writing fees should reflect that expertise.  Remember, everyone who claims to be an SEO expert isn't necessarily telling the truth - so do a little research on your freelance writer before making a committment.
  • If you have a tight deadline, your freelance writer's website writing fees may be higher than normal.  Most successful freelance writers juggle multiple projects at the same time, and rushing to complete yours means he's taking time from another client.
  • Website writers charging $1 per 500 words of content are not aware of the current trends and best practices in website writing services.  It's a highly specialized field, and hiring someone who knows the ins and outs of website writing will be able to provide you with content that maximizes your ROI; hiring someone who's out of the loop is like throwing money away (and even if it is just a little bit, you can't afford to toss money down the drain when you could be putting it to better use).

Fellow freelance writers, have I left anything out to help our clients understand website writing fees?  If I have, please share in the comment section below.

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