Freelance Writing FAQ - the Short Answers

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 A lot of people ask me a lot of questions about freelance writing, and usually I'm loath to put them in short-answer form.  I'll either send a long-winded reply or do a blog post about it.

It's good to have questions when you're a new freelance writer - in fact, you won't get far if you don't have questions.

Today, I decided to give short, five-word answers to my most frequently asked questions about freelance writing.  Most of the questions are links that will take you to my longer answers in case you'd like a little more explanation.

Freelance Writing FAQ

Do I have to pay taxes as a freelance writer?

Yes, in America, you do.

What is keyword density?

Percentage of keywords per document.

How do I figure out my keyword density?

Total keywords divided by words.  (Ok, that one's a little more complex - but the link above will show you precisely how.)

Is it okay to publicly complain about a client?

No. Don't ever do that.

What is a content mill?

A warehouse of articles online.

Should I write for a content mill?

That is only your decision.

Is Demand Media Studios a content mill?

In my opinion, it is.

Is there anything wrong with content mills?

Not if you're happy there.

Should I use a pen name while writing at a content mill?

Absolutely, unequivocally YES! you should.

Someone stole my blog post/article/web content.  What do I do?

Tell on them right away.

How do I find out if someone stole my blog post/article/web content?

Set a Google Alert now.

What constitutes content theft?

Your content taken by others.

Is it really that bad to miss deadlines?

Yes. Don't ever do it.

Are you hiring?

No, I am not hiring.

I love writing.  I won't get burned out, will I?

You might - try to avoid.

Do I need a blog?

You need one, like, yesterday.

What do I put on my blog?

Anything you'd like... almost.

Is there a press release format you use that I can have?

Yep, no problem - here 'tis!

How do I find private freelance writing clients?

Constantly market your butt off.

Can I put classified ads in the paper for my business?

You can - and you should.

How do I create my own brochure?

With your computer and thoughtfully.

If I send you some stuff I wrote, will you edit it and tell me if I've done anything wrong?

I wish I had time.

What does Google PageRank have to do with me?

Want people to find you?!

Should I cold-call potential clients?

You should start dialin', darlin'.

Why do you share all this stuff?

'Cause it sucks not knowing.

Have other questions I didn't answer here? 

Send me an email or post a comment and ask!  My spam filter is pretty tough, so if I don't answer right away, that's probably why.

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