3 Ways to Thank Your Clients

Your clients are your...
Thanking your freelance writing clients is just good business.  There are three simple ways to express your appreciation (well, there are a lot more than three, but these are good starting points) - and you should always use at least two of them when you've completed a project.

  • Send a handwritten thank-you note
  • Thank them in a heartfelt email
  • Promote them however you can

If it's been a true trial working with a client, you still need to thank them sincerely for their business.  You may not want to encourage them to use you again, but thanking them is good business.

Send clients a handwritten thank-you note

Your clients are important to you, right?  Whether it's the guy who just needed one page of web content or the flourishing business that needed a dozen press releases, your clients are the reason your business is alive.

All you have to do - seriously - is go to the party supply store or the card section of your local WallyWorld and buy a few packages of thank you notes.  Ten bucks, max.

A handwritten thank-you note is important because:

  • it helps you stand out from other freelance writers they may have worked with in the past (and helps them remember you in the future).
  • it shows that you appreciated their business enough to take time to actually hand-write a note.
  • it's personal - and when clients never see you face-to-face or speak to you on the phone, you've taken your business relationship to another level.

That ten bucks you spent on your thank you cards will pay itself back - you'll see.  Besides, you can probably write it off.

Thanking clients through email

When you get the PayPal notification that says "you've got money," the direct deposit appears in your bank or the check arrives in the mail, you should immediately send your client an email.

Immediate emails are important because:

  • they let your client know you received the money.
  • they let your client know you were paying enough attention to their project - even after it's complete - that you noticed they paid you.
  • they should express your appreciation for their prompt and accurate payment... and your willingness to work with them again.  (Unless, of course, you don't want to work with them again.)

Promoting your clients

When you've just finished a project for your client, it won't hurt you to post a little something on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking site.  In fact, it can only help; your friends will see the project, may find the client's product or service interesting/useful/a must-have, and your client will appreciate the fact that you helped them out more than you'd agreed to.

Promoting clients is important because:

  • it helps show your clients you believe in them, their products and their services.
  • it shows your clients that you're nice - and who doesn't want to work with a nice person?
  • it shows your clients you appreciated the opportunity to work with them because you're going above and beyond their expectations. 

Next time I'll discuss what to do about clients you never want to hear from again, and eventually I'll go over a few really special ways to thank your clients.

Do you always thank your clients after you finish a project?  What methods do you use?

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