Your Mom Goes to College

Every business owner can tell you that things get in the way - especially when you're first starting out.

What do you do if things get in the way of your freelance writing business?  As the owner, you're responsible for:
  • marketing
  • consistently meeting deadlines
  • keeping in contact with past, present and future clients
  • finding new work whenever (and sometimes wherever) you can
  • producing amazing press releases, content or other business writing services
That's a lot of responsibility - which might not be what you expect from a freelance writing business.  Some of it is downright hard, and when things get in the way of chasing your dream it's easy to back off and throw in the towel.

Here's my story: I was a public affairs rep/combat journalist for the Army.  I did two tours in Iraq, came home and decided it was time to get out.  While I was deployed I was taking college classes online (and somehow managed through the shoddy Internet connections over there), so I chose to keep taking classes, become a civilian and write for money.

Those three things, although they sound complementary, are not at all.

Now, facing 12 credit hours, writing and National Guard time while trying to get back on Active Duty status (I'm not ready to be a full-time civilian), I'm faced with two choices:
  • cut back on my freelance writing business and run it at bare bones minimum to have time for classes
  • ditch my freelance writing business and find a part-time job that pays quick, easy cash
As much as I love writing, this was a hard choice to make.  I chose to cut back.  Although it'll balance out in the long run, I'd much rather not dump all the effort I've made so far and start over - and, knowing myself, I probably won't really cut back.  I just need to maintain my time management skills and keep up good client relations.

Have you faced a tough choice in your freelance writing career?  What did you choose, and how did it work out for you?

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