Sending Holiday Cards to Clients

I know, it's only August - but it's time to start thinking about holiday promotions and keeping in touch with your clients on a friendly level.  

Here's a great list of September holidays, and what better reason to reach out to existing clients than sending them an email in honor of, say, National Chicken Month?

Many of my clients have the same offbeat sense of humor that I do, so they'd find it hilarious if I sent them an email detailing my specials for National Chicken Month - but some of them just wouldn't get it. 

While that might seem a little silly, it's not silly when you consider October, November and December contain the three most popular holidays in America. 

What does that mean to freelance writers?

Even if you don't want to splurge on Christmas cards for your clients, you'll need to send them a holiday greeting of some sort.  It doesn't even have to be a sales letter - but you do need to remind them that you're still here and you're available to write their next project.

You also need to remind them why they enjoyed working with you in the first place: you're professional, pay attention to detail and don't consider them "throwaways."

What if you're not sure whether they celebrate the holidays?

Make it a fall or winter greeting, then.  The whole point is making a connection with your clients - so it doesn't really matter whether it's holiday-related or not.

What does this have to do with anything, and why is it important right now?

Many businesses offer holiday promotions, and if you start getting back into your clients' field of view now, they'll be thinking of you when they have a Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas sales letter to send out (or any other holiday-related project to complete).

Should it contain specials or just good wishes?

That's entirely up to you - I always offer specials.  After all, they paid you for work before, and that means they're likely to do it again.  Why not sweeten the deal?

Who should you send them to?

You should send holiday greetings to each and every client you've ever worked with.  You never know - especially if it's been a while - what people are up to.  If you've been tracking your freelance writing income and paying attention to where your money comes from, you should already have a client list which includes everyone you've ever worked with.

Have you kept in contact with your clients over the years?   Do you send holiday cards and promotions?

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