How do you Write on Vacation?

I just got back from a very long trip, and it made me realize that it's difficult to carve time for work into your schedule when you're traveling.  I've done it before - but this time it was particularly difficult and I spent the majority of my vacation frustrated that I couldn't get things done.  What did I learn that can make it easier for you?
  • Use your own comfortable objects.  I was using my husband's Mac - that was mistake #1.  Never again.  I'm not a Mac fan (I couldn't live without my iPhone, though, so I don't have any issues with Apple), and even though he has the full MS suite for Mac, it just isn't the same. 
  • Use the same time every day for work - no exceptions.  Don't tell yourself you'll do it later - because later might not work either.  If you can make time each morning and don't let anything interrupt you until you're finished, you'll cut down on work-related stress and enjoy your vacation more.  (The only exception is when you've got a business call or need to deal with a new client.)
  • Tell your existing clients you're away so they understand if you have less time to dedicate to them.
Another thing I'd like to point out is that when you go on vacation, new clients will flock to you.  It's just the way it works, I guess.  Even though your regular workdays will be shortened, make sure you build relationships with your new clients just like you would from your home office.  Stay in contact with them as frequently as you normally would and produce the same, high-quality work you always do.

What do you do to maintain some semblance of work normalcy when you're on vacation?

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