Freelance Writing Comfort Zone: Get out of yours!

As freelance writers, we get comfortable.  We do what we like to do (and when we like to do it), and that's great - unfortunately, though, we build a little box around ourselves. 

I recently had a big shake-up.  I mean big.  I moved from a wonderful little island in the Pacific to a dusty desert town on the border of Mexico.  Since most of my clients are all over the country and I primarily deal with them online, it didn't affect my business negatively; it did, however, make me come up with some new ideas.

I'm new in town - and what better reason to go meet web developers and print shop owners?  I've got a great opportunity, as do all of you writers just starting out.  I sent out a few emails and made a few phone calls, and this week I'm setting up meetings for next week. 

I don't like making cold calls - but guess what? 

I had to, and the worst thing anyone said to me was, "I'm not looking for a content writer/copywriter right now, but you can send your marketing materials to ___ and I'll call you if I need you."

People like to deal locally, and face-to-face is a great way to get someone to tell you YES! 

Do you depend solely on the Internet to get your business?  Have you reached out to local business owners, and if you have, what happened?

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