Writing is the Easy Part

For some people, writing comes as naturally as speaking.  Those people should be freelance writers, right?

Not always.

Writing is the easy part of the business of freelance writing - it's the business end that causes most freelance writing careers to tank.

How can freelance writing be hard?

Like I said, the writing part is easy.  To become a successful freelance writer, though, you've got to do some things you might find difficult.
  • You have to market yourself like crazy in the beginning.  Don't worry, though - although you always need to market yourself, satisfied clients will do it for you after a while.
  • You need to track your freelance writing income and prepare ahead of time (think quarterly) to pay your taxes.
  • Keep learning.  The 'web, print and other venues change every day - and the old stuff only works for so long.  Sure, quality writing is the most important part; however, make sure you're up-to-date on SEO and what print publishers are looking for so you don't miss a beat in your freelance writing career.
  • You'll have to (eventually) invest in the business of freelance writing to make it more profitable.  You'll need business cards, a website and a blog... and, you'll find, a few other things to help your business grow.
What's the hardest part of the business of freelance writing for you?

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