Write Effective Press Releases

As a freelance writer, press releases are my absolute favorite type of work.
  • Writing press releases is fun
  • Writing press releases is lucrative
  • Writing press releases requires stretching your news muscles
I used to write press releases for the Army every day - and in Iraq, I learned the ins- and outs of what gets a press release sucked into the vortex of mainstream media. 

Naturally, press releases are news.  They're an attempt to get the world to look at something that's happened and engage readers so they want to learn more.

As a freelance writer, you may have clients who need press releases to get the word out about a new product, service or contest; clients may also want them to announce company news (president retires, they've changed their minds about layoffs or they've gotten a really big deal.)

There are 6 things you need to remember when you're writing a press release:
  • Write your press release as perfectly as you can (editors appreciate that)
  • Write your press release relying on quotes
  • Write your press release without slant (or slant that's nearly impossible to detect)
  • Write your press release without adding fluff
  • Ask editors of publications if they'd like to receive your press release before you submit it
  • Your press release needs to be submitted in a proper press release format
What tips do you have for writing effective press releases?

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