Web Content Questionnaires

As a freelance writer, your job will be easier if you ask your clients to fill out a simple web content questionnaire before you begin work.  It'll make your job easier for a few reasons:
  • You'll know exactly what they expect
  • You'll know precisely how to write for them
  • You'll be able to produce content they're happy with the first time
My web content questionnaire (I'll send a copy of it to anyone who wants it - just drop me a line and let me know) includes these questions:
  • Who is your audience?
  • Do you prefer to address them as if you're speaking to them personally?
  • Who is your competition? (Please provide URLs)
  • What sets your business or service apart from the competition?
  • Would you like to address your audience formally or informally?
  • Is your goal to sell a product or service, or would you rather inform readers?
  • What word count, keyword density and number of pages would you like?
  • Do you have a firm grasp on SEO and how it can help your site?
This isn't my entire list (and sometimes I change it, depending on the client), but you'll be able to get the basics if you ask your clients these questions.  You'll save time by meeting their expectations the first time.

If your clients aren't sure about the difference between web copy and web content, let them know ahead of time.  They may have questions about SEO and keyword density which you can address immediately, too.

Interact with your clients as much as possible before beginning a writing project - you'll be glad you did.

What kind of questions do you ask potential clients before you begin writing?

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