SEO Tip: Using Headlines

Using SEO Keywords in Headlines

Some SEO techniques are more valuable than others - search engine spiders crawl over content pages and look for words which seem more important than others.

Headlines are a big deal in SEO. Search engine spiders see headlines as a description of the valuable information below them; as a result, they place more value in headlines than in the rest of your text.

Headlines can also help you reach your target keyword density.

Here's an example if your keyword is "SEO headlines":

SEO Headlines Attract Search Engines

SEO headlines can bring value to your text by capturing the attention of search engines.

SEO Headlines Engage Readers

Who doesn't want readers to stay interested?  Incorporating SEO headlines into your text will allow readers to skim your content to find sections they find most valuable.

SEO Headlines...

You get the idea.

Using SEO headlines is particularly valuable when you need to include a locality in your keywords - like "Psychiatrist Michigan."

When writing with SEO in mind, don't overuse keywords; however, if you're careful, you can find the right mix to please both search engines and readers.

Did you find this helpful?  What kind of SEO tips and tricks do you use to attract traffic and engage readers?

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