Secret Freelance Writing Fees

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Why don't freelance writers post their fees on their websites? It doesn't make any sense to me.

I know exactly how much a cheeseburger costs at my favorite fast food joint - why shouldn't someone coming to me for web content have the same convenience?

Broadcasting my freelance writing fees online helps weed through my visitors, too.

I took the time to carefully calculate freelance writing fees, and if someone:
  • can't afford my writing services;
  • doesn't think my writing services are worth that amount;
  • or is looking for a cheap writer,
they won't contact me.

The value (my portfolio) is right there next to the fees, so it's not like I need to suck them in by showing them how valuable it is and then whack them in the face with a dollar amount.

Is it similar to fine dining, where the prices aren't listed on the menu?

Do you tell people your fees right up front, or do you wait?  If you wait, why?

© Angie Papple Johnston, 2010; if you are reading this anywhere but on or without my name as author, it's stolen.