Freelance Writing: The Basics

Freelance writing isn't for everyone.  Is it for you? 

You need a few basic things in order to be successful at freelance writing.

What are they? 
  • Writing skill
  • Motivation
  • Time
  • Support (or at least understanding) from others
Freelance Writing Skill

Let's face it - you have to know how to write.  You need to know how to write readable content with relatively few (preferably zero) errors and you need to know the different types of freelance writing services you can provide.  You need to have one or more freelance writing specialties.

Freelance Writing Motivation

Freelance writing as a career requires a boat load of motivation.  You have to want to get clients, make money and push yourself when you don't particularly want to.  You absolutely must stick to deadlines, market and brand yourself and keep accurate records of your freelance writing income if you want to be a freelance writing success.

Freelance Writing Time

You don't need to make freelance writing a full-time career - but if you want to, you'll need time to:
  • market yourself
  • find gigs
  • write
How much time will that take out of each workday?  You may need to set a schedule (around kids, pets and errands) and stick to it in order to reach your goals.  Deviating from the plan - just like in any other business - isn't usually a good thing. 

Support and understanding from others is sometimes difficult to get.  When you're sitting in your home office during the day, your significant other may not understand why you didn't take the trash out or swap the laundry around; one of the most difficult things to do in your freelance writing career is to convince others that when you're home during the day, you're not really home - you're at work. 

Do you have other ideas on what makes up the basics of freelance writing?

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