Article Spinning: 4 reasons real freelance writers don't spin articles

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What is article spinning?

I didn't know what article spinning was until a few months ago - and when I found out, I was disgusted.  I'm a little less disgusted with the site/business owner who does it with their own content than I am with the "freelance writer" that engages in article spinning and sells the pieces, but it's a despicable practice nonetheless.

Article spinning is the practice of writing (or copying) an original article into software which uses a thesaurus to change words throughout the text, making the article seem unique.

What's wrong with article spinning (when "writers" do it)?
  • Article spinning is cheating - if you didn't write an original document, you're not a writer.
  • Article spinning looks stupid - the articles don't read well and don't make sense.
  • Article spinning can fall under plagiarism - taking someone else's content and inserting it into an article spinner still counts as stealing.
  • Article spinning is unethical - you're hurting people who buy content from you, because that content is garbage; the site owner may not know you've cheated and their site and business will suffer as a result.
Bottom line: If you're a "writer" who markets spun articles, you're unethical.

If you're having a hard time coming up with good content, you either need to throw in the towel on your freelance writing career or learn how to write original web content

Article spinning is not an acceptable way to make money.

The business of freelance writing is based on ethics and writing skills; if you don't have either, you have no business being part of it. 

What do you think of article spinning?  Is it ever okay?

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