7 Benefits of Business Blogs

Every business has competition - and if you want to see the money, you have to be better than your competitors.

What are your competitors doing?  Of course, they have a website; they may even be advertising it with PPC ads and promoting it through social networking sites.

But do they have a blog?

More importantly, do you have a business blog?  I know, you can't win a race by looking at the people behind you - but you do have to focus on the people in front of you in order to overtake them.

There are 7 simple reasons you need a business blog to outshine your competition.
  1. Business blogs drive traffic to your website.  When someone finds the valuable information in your blog, they'll want to know about the services or products you offer.
  2. Business blogs add value to your products or services.  Information is often as valuable as products and services are - and a business blog is a place to provide it so you can prevent visitors to your business website from being inundated with too much information.
  3. Business blogs are a low-cost method of advertising with potentially huge ROI.  Large blogging outlets (like this one) allow unlimited amounts of content which gets picked up by search engines.  If each post contains a link to your business website, or if you have clear contact information on your business blog, the amount of time you spent creating it will pale in comparison to your extended Internet reach.
  4. Business blogs build brand awareness. (I was looking for another b-word to round that phrase out...)  When you incorporate your logo and other things which define your business, readers begin to associate them with the value you provide.
  5. Business blogs encourage relationships.  A loyal customer base isn't built on just quality products and services these days - people want to buy from people, and business blogs allow consumers to see the human side of your business.
  6. Business blogs enable you to gain insight.  What kind of people are reading your business blog?  When you know your audience, you can target your products and services more effectively across the board.
  7. Business blogs can go viral.  It doesn't sound pretty, but it is.  Your business blog can be tweeted, stumbled, Facebooked, dugg, buzzed and survive numerous other forms of what sounds like abuse... but these things won't hurt it a bit.  In fact, they can make your business blog's content travel across the country in a matter of minutes, touching every household with even a minute interest in what you're offering.
While business blogs are relatively easy to set up and maintain, they do require small investments of your time now and again.  Start on a lazy Sunday afternoon, searching through free blog templates until you find one which speaks for your business.  Before you add any content, learn everything you can about search engine optimization, DIY web content writing and keyword density.

Of course, if you don't have the time or inclination to set up or maintain your own business blog, you might consider hiring a blog writer - generally, bloggers' fees are reasonable and they know the insider tricks for search engine optimization and communicating with Internet readers.

Do you have a business blog?  Have you found any of these benefits especially true in your case? 

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