Update Your Freelance Writing Portfolio

Once you've gotten started freelance writing, you're going to wind up having some really cool work to showcase in your portfolio - but you'll very likely be too busy to add it.

Don't let that happen!

The larger your portfolio, the better - and the more you have in it, the more credible you'll be to potential clients.

If you have a press release that made USA Today, even if it's not "hard news" (this one is "soft news" - Chef Shauniece on USA Today) your clients are going to love knowing you have the ability to get them exposure.

It's so important that you keep your portfolio current.  In my case, I spent a year covering hard news in Iraq - well, some soft news was mixed in - but every day, that gets farther and farther in the past.  Soon, it'll have been twenty years since I wrote for the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army; that's why I need to keep adding my "big names" as they come up.

Keep your portfolio as current as you possibly can.  That's what actually sells you as a writer; you can tell potential clients all day long that you're an awesome freelance writer, you've got affordable fees and you're easy to work with... but it's your work that does the effective talking.

How current is your portfolio?  Do you add things to it as they arise, or do you hold off until you have a bunch of publications to add?  Please leave your comments and a link to your own website or blog!

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