SEO Content Writing

What is SEO content writing?  Why, as a freelance writer, do you need to have an answer for that question?

SEO content writing may not be what you think.

First, why you need to know:
  • SEO content writing is a high-demand area in our line of work
  • Clients may decline your services because you aren't familiar with SEO content writing
  • The more you know, the more valuable your SEO content writing service is to clients
What is SEO content writing, then?

By definition, SEO is 'web jargon for search engine optimization, and you can change it to mean search engine optimized when you're talking about content writing.

SEO content writing in action is when a writer incorporates a mix of pre-defined keywords (usually chosen by the client; however, some clients allow you creative license when they recognize your SEO content writing expertise) with useful, easy-to-read text.

There's a little thing called keyword density; many clients get hung up on it.  That's fine - your job is to create SEO content writing they'll love, even if you don't think their keyword density requirements are reasonable.  If you feel you can't write the SEO content they're looking for, tell them before you get the contract - it's as easy as that.

SEO content writing requires you use keywords which attract search engines. 

Keywords relating to the product or service your client is marketing will help the most; for example, if your client wants SEO content writing for a site promoting chemical-resistant rubber gloves for use in labs, you probably want "chemical resistant gloves" as a keyword.  When search engines are crawling through all the SEO content writing on the 'web, they'll discover your client's site and consider it valuable based on the fact you used a specific keyword - and then they'll deliver it to people who are searching for that keyword.

5 basic tips for SEO content writing:
  • Use keywords the right way - make sure your SEO content writing is readable
  • Put content first; if the keywords didn't come naturally (or if you haven't used enough to meet keyword density requirements), insert them where appropriate to turn your document into effective SEO content writing
  • Never use so many keywords that your document transforms from an SEO content writing project into spam (search engines have got that all figured out, and they'll ignore the entire site if that happens)
  • Keep SEO content writing tight and avoid unnecessary "fluff" - stay on point
  • Stick to two or three keywords per page of SEO content writing to avoid reader confusion
If readers are unable to tell that they've just read SEO content writing, you've done your job extremely well.  Even if they can tell a little bit, you've still done it successfully - as long as they're not scratching their heads and wondering why you keep using a particular word, mission: accomplished.

(This post is optimized at nearly 3.8% keyword density for "SEO content writing.")

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