Freelance Web Content Writing

Freelance web content writing is where it's at.  That's what I think, anyway.  I'd rather write press releases than web content, but freelance web content writing is my second-favorite.


Freelance web content writing is what sells.  It's what everybody wants and nobody can get enough of.

Freelance web content writing: what is it?

Web content is everything you're reading on the Internet.  This blog is web content.  The article you just read about platypus mating habits is web content.  The page on your bank's website about giving you a loan contains web content.

Add "freelance" to web content writing and you've got a pile of money just waiting to make its way into your bank account.

How much freelance web content writing do I do?

I'll do as much freelance web content writing as I can - it's not because it pays the best (it doesn't); it's because web content writing is more in demand than any other form of freelance writing I've found.

Here's my monthly breakdown (of course, it varies from month to month because I go where the work is):

How do you go about freelance web content writing?

You'll need to find freelance writing clients through want ads and through your own marketing and advertising efforts.  Once you've found your clients, get them to sign a freelance writing contract based on the freelance writing fees you've decided to charge.

Then you can start making money through freelance web content writing.

But how?

Freelance web content writing is different than most other forms of writing.  You've got to know how to structure web content in order to engage readers, and you may have to worry about calculating keyword density.

Here are a few quick freelance web content writing tips:
  • Put the most pertinent information at the top of your page; you'll pique readers' interest and keep them on your page
  • Fill in details you need your readers to know throughout the body of your document
  • Conclude with a call-to-action
Are you a freelance web content writer?  Share your tips and ideas below - and please, leave a link to your own blog or website!

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