Define Freelance Writer

Well, we can define freelance writer.

To do that, we'll have to say both what freelance writers are and what we're not.

Define freelance writer do's

Freelance writers do a lot - probably more than people know - behind the scenes. Writing is what some freelance writers actually don't do as much as we'd like.

Freelance writers:

  • DO write different types of documents for clients to make money
  • DO stay motivated even in the face of adversity
  • DO manage our books (financially, that is)
  • DO market our freelance writing services both online and in print
  • CAN work from home, an office or an airplane - and everywhere in between
By contrast, freelance writers do not:
  • write for free
  • have to work for anyone we don't want to work for
  • always freelance full-time
  • enjoy having our hard work devalued
To define freelance writer as an occupation or business, you have to know that:
  • freelance writers are independent contractors
  • freelance writers do not always have a degree in journalism, English or writing
  • freelance writers spend a lot of time advertising and marketing themselves
  • freelance writing is generally treated like a lifestyle rather than a job when it's undertaken as a full-time pursuit
To define freelance writer as a lifestyle, you have to know that:
  • freelance writers are usually working even when they're away from their computers (looking out the window, laying on the beach and driving in the car don't stop the wheels from turning - we keep thinking about new advertising methods, how we're going to tackle our current project and what we're going to say to our clients)
  • freelance writers' phones have to be on all the time, and we have to keep checking our email because that's how we get new business - we don't have a storefront
  • staying on top of freelance writing requires reading, rereading and, as technology evolves, relearning (rules for writing on the 'web are far different than what you learned about writing in high school)
There's a lot more to being a freelance writer than I can even mention - what do you have to say when you define freelance writer?  Share your comments here, and feel free to leave a link to your own website or blog!

© Angie Papple Johnston, 2010; if you are reading this anywhere but on or without my name as author, it's stolen.