Going through freelance writers' sites, which I do daily (to scope out the competition, mostly), I find stuff that surprises me.

The other day I found two freelance writers' sites which were full of spelling and grammatical errors, and I just don't understand it. I'm guilty of making those mistakes too - but nobody ever finds out about them because my spell-checker censures me before they ever see the light of day.

I think when you're advertising your services on a website, it would be pretty darned smart to run your text through spellcheck.  I don't always do that myself... but I should.

I found a site which advertised something like this: "You should chose me as your writer because i am very coherent in the english language."  I felt like my eyes got slapped... to be fair, he was only charging $7.50 a page for web content and he did spin articles (a disgusting habit that real freelance writers would never do)...

Anyway - I think checking what you wrote is really important - especially when you're trying to impress potential clients - and I wanted to share it in case anyone's reading.


My blog just lost the spell check button and I am so stressed out about it right now. I'm so afraid my blog from yesterday has errors all over it. Not that I'm freelancing, it's just that even a blog is more critical than say facebooking, where I could care less. I hate looking like an idiot. So, if you know where the spell check button is on the new Blogger edit-format-page, I'd love to know.

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