Speaking of making money...

I was ranting to my husband David about a job posting I just saw. It read:

Status: Open
Budget: $5-500
Created: 3/30/2010 at 14:07 EDT
Bidding Ends: 4/29/2010 at 14:07 EDT
Project Creator: Write4MeNow
Rating: (No Feedback Yet)
Description: I have a need for 3 quality English speaking writers. I will have 10 300 word articles due daily. Writers must be dependable and able to communicate through yahoo, gmail, and or skype. The pay week will begin on Tuesday and go through the following Monday with pay through PayPal on Friday for the previous week's work. Pay is $.40 per 100 words. If you can commit to this and will be available for a long term position please reply and include the word 'horse' so I know that you read all of this.

He gave me wonderful words of wisdom when I said, "It makes me so mad - if people can get content at that price, why would they want to pay me $50?"

He said, "But the people who take jobs like that aren't good writers, are they?"

I said, "Maybe."

He said, "I mean, it's like buying a car. Why would I go pay $20,000 for a new car when I could go to a used car lot and buy a Geo Prizm for $1,000? 'Cause I want something that's not going to break down on me."

He's so smart. :)


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