Providing custom services

There are dozens of different writing services clients might require - from press releases to web content to articles - and your job as a freelance writer is to make sure you're providing exactly what they need.

To do that, you need to know the difference between the types of services you're capable of offering.  (For example, I don't touch white papers - but I know people who do, so when those requests come along, I happily pass them on to others who are great at writing white papers.)

Here's the breakdown on a few types of freelance writing services:

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Web copy/web content
  • Professional Biographies
  • Newsletters
  • Fliers
  • E-mail copy
Articles are informative, non-fiction pieces which enable the reader to learn about a product, service or anything else.  Consumers read articles so they can gain knowledge or insight.

Press releases are news stories.  When we freelance writers write press releases, we know they're not always "hard news," but we write them like they are.  (They usually are, though.)  When someone reads a press release, they need to feel as if they're reading front-page content on the New York Times.  Press releases are very formal documents.

Blogs, like this one, are usually informative - but more informal than articles.  You can rant and rave, you can provide information or generally do whatever the client would like to see on a blog.  (Well, you provide whatever a client would like to see in any kind of freelance writing... but within certain parameters.)

Brochures are informative take-aways that consumers read to get more information about a company, service or product.  There are five sub-types of brochures:

Leave-behind (a parting “gift” for a potential client or customer)

Response to Inquiry (answers questions about a product or service someone has asked about; easily mailed)

Point-of-sale (offers products and services and encourages potential clients to contact you)

Direct mail (provides information similar to point-of-sale brochure)

Sales Support (highlights benefits, selling points and technical information of products and services and is used during conversation with potential client or customer)

Web copy/web content - now, these two are so similar that it really doesn't matter what you call them.  According to Google, more people search for "web content," so that's what I call it.  Web copy/web content is what you see when you visit a site's homepage, their "About Us" page and everything else on a website that can't be classified as an article or a blog.

Professional biographies are a quick run-down of a person's (or company's) accomplishments, awards and who they are in general.  A professional biography includes a brief history, all the person's (or company's) accolades and what they're doing now.

Newsletters may or may not include pictures, and your client may or may not want you to format them.  A newsletter can be one to a hundred pages long (or more - hey, it's the client's call) and include whatever hot topics the client wants to cover.  The topics can be written in short article form, long article form or many other styles - it just depends on who the client is targeting and how they'd like to reach out.

Fliers are usually only one page, and include a very small amount of information.  The main function of a flier is to catch a reader's attention and get them to call or visit a website for more information.

E-mail copy is what you read when you're on a mailing list with your favorite company.  E-mail copy can include incentives to do business (like coupons), new company news or anything else the client thinks their consumers would be interested in.

As freelance writers, there are many more services we're able to provide; these are just the most common.  (This is a very basic list, but if you're starting a freelance writing business, these are the services you need to be able to quote to most new clients.)

If you have any questions, please contact me through my freelance writing website or add a comment below.  As always, if you need freelance writing services of any kind, you can view my freelance writing fees and contact me through my freelance writing site any time!