New website

So, I own a bunch of domain names but I've been dragging on putting them to good use. gets decent traffic, but I promote the crap out of it.  I need my sites to get their own traffic...

Yesterday I set aside paying work to start doctoring one of my existing domains -  It's entirely targeted toward web copy - no press releases, no articles - just plain, brass tacks web copy. 

It's far from finished, and my mom likes it so far - what do you guys think?  I'm open to suggestions (actually, I'm asking for them)... any ideas?


haha if i didn't follow you on FB already that snippet on the bottom would sure make me want to! from first look it is awesome looking! i will take a better look in a second.
Its good that it looks more similar to the other website :)

I also am laughing about the FB thing. I'm going to unfriend you and friend you just so I can say I friended you for that.

I think it looks good. It's fantastic.

Although by your military picture instead of "read one example..." I think it would sound radder something like, " read one of the articles I wrote for .... while I was stationed in Iraq as a (state your job.)" Or something....

Thanks Natasa! :)

Dawn - I'm going to fix that right now. Thanks!

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